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Gitta Saxx

Gitta Saxx is an unusual woman with an unusual career which has decided on her own way. Gitta Saxx was born on the 22.01.1965 in Lake of Constance as a daughter of a German kindergarten teacher and a Moroccan linguistic student. She experienced a happy childhood in mountain Schram in the Black Forest in a Martin Luther's kindergarten whose management the mother took over as a Gitta was 1 year old. These circumstances appropriate for children promoted quite early her creative, artistic and sporty talents. She learnt the occupation of the optician in her home town and moved in 1988 after that successfully to exercise concluded education, to Stuttgart around her occupation there. (to work in her occupation.) In 1989 she became of a model - scout for a Shooting of the magazine Playboy discovered and still in the same year of the readers the „Playmate of the year“ elective. This was the starting signal to an unusual career. Shortly after she managed the breakthrough with a campaign for Kodak which star photographer Hans Feurer with Gitta on the Seychelles produced. From the day she became an asked model. She gave up her occupation as an optician to devote herself completely to her new business. There followed countless Fotoshootings. What she primarily distinguishes as a model, is her unique face. Therefore it was „the face“ for leading Beautykampagnen for famous companies: Maria Galland, Lancaster, Marbert, Margret Astor, Clarins and more you adorned countless covers as for example: Star, friend, Brigitta, for you, Burda, fit for fun, sport magazine, Viennese and more. Also her theatrical talent could show them in commercials, like for Douglas, C&A, Hanoverian lives, soft rock etc., in music clips for dead trousers, Tom Novy, and in guest roles for different TV productions! Among other things with among Us and the Pro7 film of girls Nr.1 (from Oskarpreisträger Wiedemann & mountain produced) by the model jobs she travelled around the whole world and was inspired by the different cultures concerning fashion, food and cosmetics. Thus she lived, for example, nearly 2 years in South Africa around her informal roots to deepen and intensely argued with her food and spirituality. Since this time deals Gitta Saxx professionally with her favorite subjects Beauty, health, food, fashion and fitness. She developed to the lifestyle expert for TV formats as for example Flash, Taff, MAX TV, fit for FUN TV and as a trendsetter in her own radiocolumn „Saxx and the city“. It is asked with magazines like among other things gala dress, the news, colours and journal for the woman, woman in the mirror, Celebrity not only as a model, but also as a wellness and lifestyle expert and as a fitness ambassadress. In addition, it created with the fashion house Eagle own laundry line and was the advertising face for her own eagle lines.
Since 2007 Gitta Saxx is “a prominent godmother“ for the bath u. underwear - net curtain IMAGINE and in their names presents them laundry and bath fashions fashion looking. Another key for good appearance and success is a healthy food for Gitta Saxx: Still long before it became in Europe the trend, Gitta Saxx intensely argued with Asian remedial apprenticeship and cooking apprenticeship and integrated components of this apprenticeship in her own kitchen. Their conviction: Beauty is laid not in the cradle, but is the result of a comprehensive contact with itself. She assumes the right food, careful care and a deliberate contact with his body. The result can be seen: Today Gitta Saxx with her 43 years looks clearly younger. Their attractive appearance, her uncomplicated open kind, her experiences from 18 years of model business and the deliberate discussion with cosmetics, fashion and health moves them today also in her own cosmetics line. She moves "Gitta Saxx Cosmetics" your passion to the music, since 2001 successfully as a DJane. In addition, angagiert them also intensely for children: She is an ambassadress for the children's village SOS for several years.