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The child of U.S Military parents, Terri spent most of her life traveling between Europe and North America, attending more than 9 schools before landing a job in Germany for an American firm, bringing her back to her roots in 1996. In 1997, an accidental meeting with a known Pop Producer, Luis Rodrigquez(Modern Talking,Fun Factory) brought her voice to the international radio, when the Dance hit “Oh La La LA” performed by 2 Eivissa, hit number #1 in Spain and and simultaneously, several other countries top ten, including Austrailia, and England. She had no idea that these types of songs generated so much heat and in the same moment, a chance studio job with popular trance/dance act “Future Breeze” club/chart hit “Keep the Fire Burning” went Top 15 in Germany and began to hit the international airwaves. Before she could decide which direction to go, the club seemed to be where her success was being generated and she followed her both acts as support. After completing an LP for 2 Eivissa and wanting to find her place as a soloist. She was hit with another club smash, “Get Down”, from Avant Garde, which was played from L.A to London and she decided to support the act for the single and follow-up. Involved in every aspect of the songs as both writer and performer, she knew her love of music was much wider than she had been able to perform, so she moved to work alongside the several producers to see if she could find a place where she could call home. With a love of Depeche Mode, Carly Simon, and Busta Rhymes, it was difficult to be put inside of a musical box, so between completing several successful studio projects To include, Luftansa’s “No Better Way to Fly” 2002/3 campaign, More than 15 club releases from various resident Djays to include Dj Antoinne, Mad Mark, Orphean, G’s Incorported (as featured rapper),NBG, JunkFood Junkies, Marc et Claude, top #20 England with “Temple of Dreams” Future Breeze, the Disco boys feat with Roberto Blanco,Boris Dlugosh, Mr. Peters Connection as actress with Uwe Friedrichsen (Kammerspeile),Soho(Byte Records), Soul Force(Universal),Avenida(Blanco Y Negro). Supporting the well known remixer the “Boogie Man”, vocals behind remixes for Busta Rhymes and Bootsy Collins were laced with her vocal arrangements. In between all of this, she managed to tour almost every major city in Europe to support her music releases, with audiences between 1,000 to 300,000 persons at one time, giving the example of Cuarenta Principales world radio show in Mallorca and Madrid. In the midst of all of the excitement, she managed to Pen the radio hit “Perfect Love” for Lutrica McNeal,write for several television talent winners and participants and continue to cowrite with her fellow teams in Spain, Sweden, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belguim and Holland. Its safe to say she has kept busy, but after all the travels and adventures, and some successes, she decided to settle into her own spirit and play the music she loves and is sure she has an audience that will relate to what she has been through and what she has to say. A cross between R&B, Rock, Country, Pop, and Dance, she has found her own soul and it is a part of the songs she writes and the way her voice can tell her story like no one else. “Free to be Me” a slogan she could live by..finally