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Ouided Khachnaoui

Is a german- tunisian powerwoman. Labels like GEORGIO ARMANI, SPEEDO AND BIG STAR saw the latin beauty and engaged her for many exclusive jobs.

She won several german beauty titles.

Ouided is also a talented singer. Her career started as a backgroundsinger for LA TOYA JACKSON. Later she became the only and official look a´like of LA TOYA.

In 1999 and 2000 she was the backgroundsinger for C-Block.

OUIDED was the dancer of several bands like ALIVE, SOLDIER TOM, DANCE FOR COLOR, EROTIC.
Since 1999 she is the vocalist of GARCIA. The 90’s summer act had one hit after another. The biggest ones are “Bamboleo”, “Vamonos” and “Kalimba De Luna”.