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discription yasmin
Yasmin K.

She was born on a Carribean Island named St. Lucia. Her mother is carribean and her father is german.

Her hole life was formed by music because her father is a singer as well.
After making her a- levels, she was at a singing school in Hamburg. She wasn´t only teached in singing, but also in playing piano and gitarre.

She was singing with her band on some events and performed her own composed songs.
In 2000 the Musical “Buddy Holly” was looking for a leading actress. She got the role and played in the last year of the musical “Buddy Holly” from 2000 until 2001.
She met Alex Christensen, a very popular producer in Europe, at a casting.
2001 they produced the single “Rhythm Of The Night” and she had a big debut.
The single was released in 2002.

It´s the beginning of a musician carrer and with Alex Christensen she has big chances to get a very popular musician.

They are still working together on other projects!!