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Hailing from Detroit, XZIBIT, born Alvin Joiner, moved to Los Angeles via New Mexico, in his teens. He made his name in the rap world at a young age of after releasing his buzz album, At the Speed of Life. The album breads the classics “Paparazzi” and “Foundation.” His follow up, 40 Dayz and 40 Nightz released the groundbreaking video for What U C is what U Get. His third album, Restless, went platinum off the heels of the success of the Xzibit/Snoop Dog collaboration “B Please” and the hit “X.” Numerous tours with such acts as Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Linkin Park and countless others as well as two additional Gold albums, Man Vs. Machine and 2004’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, Xzibit has made his mark in rap history. A new album is expected in 2006.
Taking his rhyming skills to the silverscreen, Xzibit appeared in Curtis Hanson’s 8 Mile (Universal Pictures) with fellow rapper and friend Eminem. Showcasing a special talent for the theatrical world, MTV approached X in 2003 with an opportunity that would soon open a new chapter in his career. The worldwide success of his popular MTV show, Pimp My Ride has elevated Xzibit’s celebrity by showcasing his charm and personality through the hosting stint. Pimp My Ride, in its 4th season is a reality show that turns teens’ junkyard-bound cars into dream cars. The show is now broadcast in over 40 countries and the market continues to grow.

After guest starring on CSI: Miami, X took on his first major role in Lee Tamohori’s 2005 XXX: State of the Union (Revolution/ Columbia Pictures) with Ice Cube and Samuel L. Jackson, playing the role of Zeke, Cube’s weapons specialist. From that he jumped into his next role as Dexter in the November 2005 feature Derailed (The Weinstein Co.), starring Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen, directed by Mikael Hafstrom. For his first costarring motion picture, Xzibit signed onto the 2006 Phil Joanou feature, Gridiron Gang (Columbia Pictures) playing Malcom Moore, alongside the Rock. The film is presently in postproduction. Most recently, Xzibit appeared as the voice of Chief Grizzly in the 2006 hit animated film Hoodwinked (The Weinstein Co.).