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Worlds Apart

from the beginning till now

spring 1992

Garry Wilson placed an advertisement in music-magazines
to look for good-looking guys for a boygroup.He wanted to create a band with people from different nations and cultures, which should get the name Worlds Apart.

January 1993

The members of the band are determined:
Aaron Alexander James Poole (Aaron Paul) : engl.-jamaican origin
Patric Marcus: asian origin
Abdul Hannan (Schelim Hannan): oriental origin
Steven Colin Hart (Steve Hart): english origin
Dan Bowyer: engl.-french origin

March 1993

single “Heaven must be missing an angel” released (in England)

June 1993

single “Wonderful world” released (in England)

September '93

single “Everlasting Love” released (in England)

autumn 1993

Patric leaves, new member: Aaron Leslie Cooper (Cal Cooper)

February 1994

single “Could it be I’m falling in love” released (in England)

April 1994

single “Could it be I’m falling in love” released(in Germany),
a lbum “Together” released

July 1994

single “Beggin’ to be written” released (in England)
leaving of Dan Bowyer, band continues with four of them

September '94

single “Everlasting Love” released (in Germany)

December 1994

Aaron Paul leaves, new member: Nathan Marcellus Moore (Nathan Moore)

May 1995

BMG Ariola quitted record contract

July 1995

new record contract with EMI

August 1995

single “Baby come back” released

December 1995

remix “Baby come back”, single “When it’s christmas” released

February 1996

single “Everybody” released

March 1996

album “Everybody” released

April 1996

Remix “Everybody”

June 1996

single “Just say I said hello” released (in Germany)
single “Je te donne” released (in France)

August 1996

single “Je te donne” released (in Germany)
s ingle “Just say I said hello” released (in France)

October 1996

“Everybody”-Tour (in Germany)

November 1996

single “Everlasting Love” - New Version (in France)

December 1996

single “I was born to love you” released (in Germany)

February 1997

single “I was born to love you” released (in France)

March 1997

Tour in France

April 1997

single “You said” released (in France)

May 1997

single “Rise like the sun” released (in Germany)

June 1997

single “Quand je rêve de toi” released (in France)

July 1997

single “Yo te doy” (Je te donne) released (in Spain)
single “Jestes Moin Snem” (Quand je rêve de toi) released (Poland)
single “I’m dreaming of you” (Quand je rêve de toi) released

August 1997

single “Sie liebt dich” released (in Germany)

September '97

leaving of Schelim
album “Don’t change” released
single “Don’t change” (in France)

October 1997

new member: Tim Fornara
single “Back to where we started” released (in Germany)

December 1997

single “Je serai là” released (in France)
single “Why did we say goodbye” released (in France)
“The Christmas”-Tour (in France)

March 1998

“Future”-Tour (in France)
single “Back to where we started” released (in France)

September '98

single “Close your eyes” released (in France)

March 2000

album “Here and now” released

April 2000

single “I will” released (in France)

July 2000

single “Language of love” released

End of 2000

single “I will” released (in Germany)

July 2001

leaving of Tim Fornara

??? 2002

album “The Brotherhood” released (not in public commerce)

February 2006

show und meet & great in Leipzig,
appearance on stage again after 5 years - WA very close

March 2007

Worlds Apart; consisting of Nathan, Steve und Cal, advertise at a TV-appearance on M6, HitMachine their Comeback and that they plan new recordings in the studio.

September '07

video shoot in Tunesia for the single “On écrit sur les murs”

October 2007

album “Platinum” released (in France)