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The time has come for any encyclopedia to print a picture of the Vengaboys for the word PARTY. Ever since the first signs of Venga-ism saw the light of day in the early nineties, there’s been a constant party-vibe around the members.

In the summer of 1995, DJ’s Danski and Delmundo teamed up with four of the regular guests at their infamous illegal beachparties, two girls and two boys. At first, the foursome worked as professional dancers for the DJ’s to spice up their performances, giving away the most outrageous acts. Some of them included live animals, singing nuns, burning furniture and jerry cans of Vaseline.

The single ‘Up and Down’ was first released in March 1997. It went Top 5 in the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Spain… in fact, it was a big hit across Europe, reaching number 4 and a gold-status in the UK. The UK really caught the Venga-flu, where the band have already had two number one hits with ‘Boom Boom Boom Boom’ and ‘We’re Going To Ibiza’.
Along with ‘We like to Party’, these four singles have given the band a combined sales total of almost 2 million singles in the UK alone.

The first Vengaboys-album, 'Greatest Hits', turned out to be a worldwide bestseller. It went platinum in the United Arabian Emirates, Sweden, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Mexico and India. The release in America, Malaysia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and South Africa meant gold, while sales in Belgium, the United Kingdom and Canada resulted in double platinum. In Holland and Chili, finally, sales of the Party Album made it to a stunning triple platinum. So far, the Vengaboys have sold over 10 million singles and 5 million copies of their first album, proving to be the most successful Dutch pop group ever.
In March 2000, the Vengaboys released their second album, called 'The Platinum Album', which includes the chart-topping hit singles 'Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine)',  'Shalala lala', ‘Uncle John From Jamaica’ and ‘Cheekah Bow Bow’. The expectations are that this album will exceed all previous sales. It has already lived up to it’s title in Denmark, New Zealand, Venezuela and the United Arabian Emirates. The album has gone gold so far in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.
During the release of the Platinum Album, the world got to know no less than two new Vengaboys: member Robin quit the group to pursue a solocareer. Yorick, his best friend and a former dolphin trainer, replaced him. September 2000 introduces the fifth Vengaboy: Cheekah. With the recruitment of this cyber-member the Vengaboys is officially the first group ever to have a digital member. Cheekah is not only responsible for the leadvocals on the single “Cheekah Bow Bow”, he is also host of the official Vengaboys website, Thousands and thousands of fans come to the site daily to learn all about their idols, see the videos and read the latest news. In August 2000 alone, the site welcomed more than a quarter of a million visitors.
Besides their musical talents, the Vengaboys have always –sometimes unwillingly- found a way to draw the attention of the press. They once threw ten thousand dollars cash into the audience during a concert in Spain and promoted their single 'Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine)' by breaking the world record for the Longest Kiss ever: 34 hours, 17 minutes and 41 seconds! Also, an autograph-session in a warehouse in Tokyo had to be stopped when an immense amount of fans literally tore down the store, the band nearly survived a plane accident in Bombay and made European headlines by bluntly refusing an export award from the Dutch minister of business affairs.
With more happy hits on the way and a fully booked tour schedule - they performed over 190 times in 32 different countries in the past year-, you'll be bound to hear more of The Vengaboys. It's perfectly clear that 'The Vengaboys' aren't through with teaching the world how to party yet… not by far! In Summer 2006 The Vengaboys are back on stage with Kim, Denise, Yorick and a new Cowboy-guy named Donny.