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Toni Cottura began his music career in 1988. He cooporated with the later double-DMC-World Champion David Fascher in Hip Hop team. In 1990 T.C. started a partnership (that last even today) with the creative, twice-repeated German DJ champion, one of the renownedest R& B/Hip Hop-DJ' s of the country, DJ Shahin.
In 1993 he founded the group Fun Factory, where he was a singer, rapper and a producer. The group had several huge world-wide hits. Tracks such as "Groove Me","Take Your Chance", "Close To You", "Pain" and most of all "I Wanna Be With You" and also "Celebration" made their way into the top ranks of all important at Media Control and Dance Charts. And not only in Germany, Fun Factory tracks have climbed high in the charts in Canada, England, Sweden, the Far East, Finland, Poland, France, Italy and in the USA as well, and have made the group one of the most remarkable European acts internationally.
Later Toni continued to produce mega hits for boybands BackstreetsBoys ("Get Down") and N' Sync ("Here We Go", "You Drive Me Crazy"). In the single, "Get Down", Toni featured as a rapper in the song and video, dropping some phat rhymes.
Then, in 1996, Toni left the Fun Factory to start on a project called Booya, which later became one of his most successful times. With the acts like Nana, A.K.-S.W.I.F.T., Pappa Bear, Jonestown, Rugged Eye, Ray Horton, Twisted, Alex Prince & Mazaya and many more, set the marks on the Hip Hop circuit. 3 echo Awards (1998) followed by a cooporation with Sean "Puffy" Combs and his Hitmen- team. Experience exchange permanent developed and regular projects on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as the studio partnership with "P.Diddy's" Dopeproduzenten Young lord (Big Pun, Ice Cube, P. Diddy), closed itself on.

During the Booya-days Toni delivered his own songs, "Da Party Boom (with A.K.-S.W.I.F.T.), "My Life", "On & On" and he also featured on the songs: Nana "He's Comin'", Jonestown "Sweet Thang" and on both of the United Booya Family x-mas songs for 1997 and 1998; "Bible in my hand" & "Shepherd in the storm". He also featured on the "How we livin'" song with Alex Prince and Mazaya. Well, the list of featurings is long, and you can find them all in the discography.

The Booya family splitted in late 2000, for unknown reasons. Toni continued to produce super groups like "The Underdog Project" and "The 7 Inch Project". Both of these groups, or members of these groups, you can read about here on T-Music.
In the yeay 2002, Toni was the head-producer of the 2002 German "Popstars" Group "Bro'Sis". Toni produced most of the album and hits like "I Believe", "Do You" and "All I Want To Know" showed directly a masterpiece of Toni.
Aproximetely at the sime period, he was working with the talented singer Daizz, which you also may find here on T-Music.

In the meantime, he did many remixes as the 7 Gemini and ToneDef. Remixes of songs from The Underdog Project, Daizz and many more.

In the beginning of 2003, Toni Cottura surprised us all by releasing a brand new song, called "Fly", where he is not rapping at all. He sings. This is more like a slow summer-tune like Unckel Kracker's "Follow Me".

Lately, Toni has been producing and also featuring in hits like 2006's summer hit "Quieres Una Aventura" with Corina.