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Deidra Jones is a successful DJ, musician, producer, rapper, writer, and mother.  Known to the entertainment world as Spinderella, she is without question one of the pioneers of hip-hop music and a prominent example of great achievement by female artists and entertainers in the music industry. Spin has accumulated her experiences in hip hop and radio in some of the entertainment industry’s biggest markets and is ready to take the broadcasting world by storm.
Spinderella’s past radio experience includes a Friday night mix show syndicated on some of the nation’s top radio stations, including New York’s Hot 97 (WQHT) and WPGC in Washington, D.C.  Spin also co-hosted the “Ladies’ Night” show with Hot 97’s Angie Martinez before relocating to the west coast in 2001. Most recently, Spinderella held down the afternoon drive position alongside DJ A-One on Los Angeles radio station KKBT (100.3 The Beat).  Spin and co-host DJ Mo’Dav can be heard via the syndicated Superadio show The Back Spin, which airs in nine markets across the country.  The Back Spin is comprised of old school hits and “classics for that ass” that highlight over 30 years of soul, R&B, and hip hop music.
Fans of hip hop and pop music know Spinderella as the talented & sexy DJ of the Grammy award winning female trio Salt ‘N’ Pepa.  Hit songs such as “Push It”, “Shoop”, “Whatta Man”, and “Let’s Talk About Sex” became anthems for a new generation and catapulted the three members into success and stardom across the globe.  Salt ‘N’ Pepa opened up the male-dominated doors of hip-hop and urban music to women and created an industry standard that every record company tried to replicate.
Spinderella’s journey to stardom started in Brooklyn, New York where she was born and raised.  “It wasn’t the best neighborhood, but never once did I feel like I was destined to stay there.  I had big dreams and I was motivated by my love for music and performing.”  Spin would always dance, make up routines, and sing along to music that blared from her 7th floor window.  Her parents eventually enrolled her in a local performing arts workshop where she had the opportunity to learn theatrical techniques and develop her performance skills.
Being a part of a world-renowned group gave Spin the chance to use her vocal skills both on and off of the stage.  Once described as “very shy”, she admits those days are very much in the past.  “I find now that I have a lot to say, and the media takes advantage of that.  At one point I wouldn’t open my mouth – now they can’t shut me up!”  Spin doesn’t have a big mouth, but her feistiness and humorous side have made her a delightful TV personality.  She has appeared on “Late Night With David Letterman” & “The Tonight Show”, Nickelodeon’s hit kid show “All That”, comedy shows “Mad TV” and “Saturday Night Live”, and also had the opportunity to host her own show on MTV, “Lip Service”.  
It was Spinderella’s association with Salt ‘N’ Pepa that has won her the most acclaim and success in her career.  Spin was a co-writer on the hit single “None Of Your Business”, which expanded her role in the group outside of the DJ realm and gave her insight on pursuing more than one talent.   Although the group reunited briefly in 2005 to do a few spot dates together, the question of an official reunion and subsequent album is still up in the air.  “Our solo projects are keeping each of us busy right now”, says Spin.  “We’re all focusing on our personal quests for our careers and enjoying the opportunities we’re being given.”
Being busy is something that Spinderella has always appreciated.  “My life has never been like a nine-to-five job because there’s always something happening.  It gets hectic, but I don’t mind.  I love performing, and at times I act like a complete ham.”  Acting is another goal that Spin has in sight.  “I took a class to see if I would like it, and I actually loved it,” she enthuses.  “I really like the idea of getting paid to be someone else for a few hours every day.  It opens you up as a person.” 
Spinderella is still very active on the party circuit, and continues to rock crowds and shows across the United States and overseas.  She recently had the opportunity to entertain and amaze an audience of fresh, new, young faces in Australia with her turntable skills, and has also done high profile events for TiVo, Magic Johnson Enterprises, Children Uniting Nations, Glamour Magazine, Mecca Clothing, Cher, the J. Paul Getty Museum, The Motion Picture Academy, Planned Parenthood, Nike, Red Bull, Maxim Magazine, LA Weekly, Skyy Vodka, Enyce, House Of Courvoisier, Paramount Pictures, and many others.
 “There isn’t anything I can’t do especially when I put my mind to it and feel it in my heart.” You would think that just being Spinderella is enough for one woman to handle, but this woman wants it all.  I’m blessed,” she explains.  “A day doesn’t go by that I don’t appreciate all I have or where I’ve come from.”
Bio credit – Monalisa Murray, LandMyne Ent.