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Samantha Fox:

World Famous English Personality

Sam Fox is a descendent of a long line of quick witted and entrepreneurial Londoners:  industrious and cheerful, true Cockneys (born ‘within the sound of Bow Bells' in the East End).  For generations her close knit family prospered as costermongers (market traders), selling fruit, vegetables, textiles and haberdashery in the historic Chapel Market.
Sam's grandmother can remember her own childhood in war torn Britain, when her mother's family had five market stalls of their own.  From these people Sam inherited energy, wit and sense of humour plus a unique musical talent and a world class beauty all of her own.
World famous UK resident American Disc Jockey and widely recognised popular music authority and commentator Paul Gambaccini, recently commented in an interview with Anglia Television that there are three things that set Sam Fox apart from many other singers and account for her phenomenal global popularity and recognition, namely:
Talent plus the X Factor
Professionalism and Commitment to Hard Work
Good Luck
When the press announced Britain's ‘most photographed women' they were: Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana and Sam Fox.  Not since the Beatles has a British personality been so well known all over the world, across a complete cross section of age, sex, race and religion.  Sam Fox has been compared to Marilyn Monroe and Madonna, not least because she possesses the same fascinating vitality and allure.
Sam Fox was born to perform and destined to be famous.
Sam's first stage appearance was when she was three years old.  By the age of five she was already attending the Anna Scher Theatre School.  She made her first television appearance when she was ten in a BBC play called No Way Out and at eleven she was accepted by the Judy Dench Mountview Theatre School.
However, music was Sam's first love and at 14 she formed her first band.  When she was 15 she got her first record deal with Lamborghini Records but when she was whisked into the glamorous modelling world her music career was put on hold.
During the four year tenure of her extremely lucrative modelling contract, Samantha Fox literally became a household name in the UK and the nation's darling.
Nonetheless, as soon as her contractual obligations expired, Sam immediately wanted to focus all her attention on her music again.  At the age of twenty Sam released her first single Touch Me.  Sam made her debut live appearance as a singer at Peter Stringfellow's prestigious Hippodrome in front of an audience composed entirely of DJs from all over Europe.
Touch Me went on to amass a formidable array of Platinum, Gold and Silver awards.  Overall, twenty four discs honour these sales.  The Touch Me album and three others found Number One national chart positions in no less than 15 countries and Top Fives in numerous others including the USA.
During this time Sam toured the world, barely stopping for breath.  Indeed, Samantha Fox made a terrific impact with her live act, selling out halls of up to 30,000 capacity across Canada and America and touring Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea.  In Montreal she broke the box office record.
In South America she had huge record sales and a sell out tour sponsored by Pepsi - 20,000 seat minimum.  There were 50,000 people at the airport on her arrival in Colombia.  Sam was invited by the Minister of Tourism in Brazil to the Rio Carnival.  In Ecuador she took part in a celebrity tennis match to raise funds for hospitals.
In one year alone Sam played to over a million fans.  Another year was spent in New York, V'Jaying for MTV (presenting pop promo video programmes on Music Television), acting in a sitcom and recording with top US producers.
As someone with humanitarian interests she chose to also visit and perform in unusual countries including Bosnia, Russia, the Ukraine and Siberia.  In India Sam performed to 70,000 people three nights in a row, breaking the record previously held by Bruce Springsteen.
‘I have fans in some remote countries in the world and there are not many artists who will visit these places.  Sometimes the hotels have no running water and the transport is scary but the graciousness and appreciation of the fans is so overwhelming you have to take it in your stride.'
Perhaps it is this global approach that accounts for the international composition of Sam's fan base.  With the advent of the internet, the development of her own official site and links with the many other Sam sites run by long term loyal fans, the world has become her ‘Cyber Oyster'.
Sam has entered an era where her intuitive sense of adventure and curiosity has always belonged from the start.  Her early desire to travel all around the world and her fascination with far away places and different cultures was almost ahead of the times when she began.  Now in the year 2006 the world has opened up to her way of thinking and through the internet, global consciousness is being raised as people come together.
In the studio Sam Fox creates an infectious musical style that has placed her in the highest echelons of rock and pop.  Sam Fox is the ‘people's choice'.  A young woman to whom everyone can relate.  An international personality who possesses a natural and charismatic appeal.
Sam has also had parts in three films:
It's Been Real written and directed by Steve Varnom, starring John Altman.  
The Match written and directed by Michael Davis, starring Piers Brosnan (the new James Bond), Ian Holm (Alien), Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan), Neil Morrissey (Men Behaving Badly), David Hayman and Ilar Blair.
Rock Dancer written and directed by V Menon, starring Kamal Sadanah, Ronit Roy, Sharon Prabhakar, Javid Jafri, Anood Kumar and Johnny Lever.  With guest appearances from Govinda and International Star Sam Fox.  Produced by Shubir Mukerji.
Sam Fox, already an international icon of the twentieth century continues to shine as the new century begins.  Today we see her confident and mature as she steers her career into the twenty first century with the talent, application and versatility that has become her international hallmark.
Right now Sam is working on her next album. She has just released her own video documentary ‘All Around The World' produced by Sam herself.  This is a revealing travelogue style extended interview covering her most recent worldwide travels and performances.  It is packed with authentic footage on Sam's adventurous tours, including previously unseen glimpses of life behind the scenes as well as live on stage performances and pop promo video clips.  Sam takes us through recent years and openly talks about where she is going today and what is important in her career.
Sam is currently researching and writing her autobiography, undoubtedly a best seller.  This book will contain the truth about the fascinating  life of Samantha Fox. From humble beginnings, to worldwide fame and all before the age of 18.  Her story is one of humour, glamour and heartache.  Her story is the road to fame and the struggle to survive.  Sam will set the record straight about the many misconceptions, myths and travesties surrounding her life, work and image.
Watching You Watching Me' has been released worldwide.  The album features some of the best releases featuring a CD rom of videos, interviews and live footage.
Sam has currently finished recording a new album ‘Angel with an Attitude'.  Her new material is a much harder sound using dance beats, mixed with a rock style.  Sam has co-written all her own material and collaborated with creditable underground DJs/Producers.
We feel this will be Sam's finest work to date and we are looking forward to a release early on in 2007.
Sam continues to perform around the globe and has recently formed an all female band whom have just finished a very successful Canadian Tour performing some of her new tracks off the forthcoming album "Angel with an Attitude".  Her ‘Foxy Army'  fans all agree that this is Sam at her best performing some of the strongest songs of her career.