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The Nightcrawlers are a cover organization for the activities of house producer John Reid (b. Glasgow, Scotland). As he summarizes it, "I see us as a collective of people and I'm the mouthpiece and the driving force behind it.' The Nightcrawlers" first single was "Living Inside A Dream", but that failed to ignite significant interest. Much more successful was the subsequent effort, "Push The Feeling On". This became a major club success but had to be released three times before becoming a pop hit. Originally issued in 1993, it reached the UK Top 30 in October 1994 and number 3 the following March. Previously Reid had been involved in several successful musical projects. After being dropped from his original contract with Island Records, Reid had been contacted by producer/writer Ian Levine and asked whether he would be prepared to write songs for him. The results included "Whenever You Need Someone' for Bad Boys Inc., his first major hit, and material for Eternal, Gemini and Optimystic. The Nightcrawlers" follow-ups to "Push The Feeling On", including "Surrender Your Love", "Don't Let The Feeling Go", "Let's Push It" and "Keep On Pushing Our Love" (featuring Alysha Warren), repeated the formula with steadily diminishing returns, although they were all big club hits.