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Mark Quashie is the Mad Stuntman who, born in Trinidad, found himself coming to the United States at the age of ten. He was raised in Brooklyn, lived in New Jersey and regularly traveled to               New York City in search of his dreams.  He learned to love and value the meaning of family life, with seven brothers and four sisters.

Growing up he attended P.S. 316, Park Place Elementary School and graduated from Erasmus Hall High School, as did the legendary superstar, Ms. Barbara Streisand. He was the former front man of        Reel 2 Real.  They were propelled onto the international music scene with the hit song: “I Like To Move It,” which sold over three million copies worldwide!

Mad Stuntman explains how he picked his professional recording name: “I looked at other Jamaican superstar Reggae recording artists who had obtained their famous names from superheroes and after watching the television series ‘The Fall Guy’, where Lee Majors’ role was that of a professional major motion picture stuntman, I decided to call myself the ‘Mad Stuntman’.”

His Reggae and soulful style airs on radio, television and is played in clubs worldwide.  Reel 2 Real consisted of Erick Morillo, two dancers and the Mad Stuntman.  “I Like To Move It” reached Top 5 status in the United Kingdom, thus making it one of the best selling     crossover records ever!  The “Move It” album spawned another three  Top 20 singles entitled: “Go On Move,” “Can You Feel It” and                  “Raise Your Hands.” 

Are You Ready For Some More” was his second hit album.  He is currently producing and writing songs for his first solo musical project.  The styles of music he’s most interested in are Reggae, R&B, House and Latin Jazz. His favorite and inspiring recording artists are: Shabba Ranks, Bob Marley, Ninja Man, Peter Metro and Sister Carol. 

The Mad Stuntman is still touring the world performing his international multi-platinum hit songs for millions of adoring fans!