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La Toya Jackson is the middle sister of the famous Jackson Family. She has been called "The Rebel"
with a cause for many reasons.
She shocked the world by posing for Playboy Magazine. She shocked Playboy by selling
more magazines in 50 days than anyone else in the 35 year history of the publication.
She went shopping with a thirty-foot boa constrictor.
She gave out black roses as a symbol of her love to the Soviet Union.
She just completed her book called "La Toya: Growing Up In The Jackson
Family", which
was in the New York Times Bestseller List for nine weeks and created once again
media history .
She is a spokeswoman for the "Just Say No" Anti-Drug Campaign.
She wrote Reggae Nights which is the largest selling single in France.
She appeared in her own Pay Per View Special at the Bally's Grand Hotel.
She has drawn full capacity audiences in all her performances all over the world, in countries
such as Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, USSR, Finland, Sweden,
Yugoslavia, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, USA, to name a few.
She presents a 45-rninute show, complete with dancers, costume changes, etc.
La Toya receives standing ovation in every show.
In 1991, La T oya was chosen by the top fashion designers of Paris and Milan as
one of the Ten Best Dressed Women in the World.
This multi-talented international star is a guaranteed media attention getter and crowd pleaser .