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discription jermaine
Name: Jermaine Jackson

Known As: Jermaine Jackson

Date of Birth: 11/12/1954

Place of Birth: Gary, Indiana

About: Jermaine Jackson is a singer and bass guitarist, best known for being a part of the group The Jackson 5, with his brothers.

Jermaine also had a solo career which was rather successful, his first hit being, "Daddy's Home," in 1972. Jermaine was also nominated for a Grammy Award for his album, "Let's Get Serious".

In 2007 Jermaine entered the Celebrity Big Brother house and came in second place after steering clear of all the controversy that happened that year.

Jermaine Jackson converted to Islam in the eighties and is a strong Muslim. Jermaine also has been married three times and has nine children.

At the moment Jermaine Jackson is said to be planning a stage show based on the Jackson family for the UK.