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Brian, Terry, Tony and John turned into East 17. East 17 turned into Terry, Tony and John. Then Tony
turned his back, and Terry, John and Brian turned into E-17. In 2001, Brian Harvey turned the page
once again, launching a solo career including cooperations with Truesteppers and Wyclef.
It's been a time of conflict and confusion, but maybe also a time of new opportunity for the four
members of the British singing group which named themselves after the zip code for their old
London neighbourhood and their debut effort after the neighbourhood itself.
Since I have always liked the group's music, here's a few words on the group and its music.

Walthamstow: Wonderful debut effort of rap, dance and pop that made East 17 one of the popular bands of the time in the UK and Europe; included hits like House of Love and Gold. Steam: The biggest hit of them all, this album took East 17 to the highpoints of their careers. Love ballad Stay Another Day remains one of the biggest hits of the 1990's; Steam and Let It Rain kept the dance theme going. Up all night: Neither the quality nor the sales numbers of its predecessors, yet still of a much higher standard than the average pop band has to offer. Greatest Hits / The Journey So Far: The hits so far, ballads as well as funky and upbeat hits. Includes new duet with Gabrielle and ballad "Hey Child". A stylish collection of hits. E-17 albums: Resurrection: The band's first effort without the songwriting talents of Tony Mortimer. Single Each Day hit no. 2 on the UK singles charts, but the album was never very successful. Later the group and the record company parted ways, and the band seems to have split up permanently. Brian Harvey: Solo: Preceded by single "Straight Up No Bends" in April 2002, Solo is Brian Harvey's first ever solo album. It contains 12 tracks, including Wyclef-produced single Loving You.