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discription alban
Alban came to Sweden to study dentistry. Shortly there after he became interested in music and worked as a deejay at a well known club in Stockholm called Alphabet Street. Soon his name became well known because he like to sing along as he put his records on. You could not help but to notice him and Dj René a well known Dj at the time discovered the intelligent medicine student. In 1990 he met the legedary Denniz Pop at Alphabet Street. Even though he released his first single, he finished his education and became a legitamate dentist - "dr.alban". Alban realized his dream as a artist together with Denniz Pop.
He released the dubble single "Hello Africa / No Coke" that exploded and became a smash hit.
They followed up with the album "Hello Africa", "One Love", "Look Who´s Talking", "Born In Africa" and "The Best Of" that reach a world wide public. His second album "One Love" sold over 3 million copies and the third sold over 1.2 million copies world wide! Alban as dr.alban has sold over 11 million albums and singles world wide!
Dr.alban´s music is about wisdom, freedom and love. He is also a friend of the Legendary Nelson Mandela and often makes a statement or two in those areas. "People are people and should be treated as such". "Peace, harmony and love between people and countries are the most important thing and not religion or the color of your skin".
Earlier on he worked with such names as Micheal Rose from Black Uhuru, Sly u. Robbie, Freddie McGreor, Beeine Man, Sash and Dj Quicksilver to name a few. Dr.albans single "Work Work" will be released at the end of June -2003 and the video is shot on location in Cuba. dr.alban's music is as usual influenced by: The dearly departed Feli Kuti is a national hero and king of Afro Beat. His biggest idols are Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley.
Alban says: " I´m very satisfied with my new single "Work Work" - release June '03.

d i s c o g r a p h y :
July 1990 single Hello Africa
Sept 1990 single No Coke
Oct 1990 album Hello Africa
Jan 1991 single U u. Mi
April 1992 single It's My Life
May 1992 album One Love
Aug 1992 single One Love
Jan 1993 single Sing Hallelujah
Feb 1994 single Look Who's Talking
Mar 1994 album Look Who's Talking
May 1994 single Away From Home
Aug 1994 single Let The Beat Go On
Aug 1995 single This Time I'm Free
Feb 1996 single Born In Africa
Apr 1996 album Born In Africa
May 1996 single Hallelujah Day
July 1997 album The best of dr.alban
Aug 1997 single Guess Who's Coming To Dinner / Mr DJ
Oct 1997 album I Believe
Nov 1997 single Long Time Ago
Apr 1998 single Feel The Rhythm
Oct 1998 single Papaya Coconut
Feb 2000 single Because of You
Apr 2000 single What do I do

May 2000 album Prescription
Jun 2003 single Work Work