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"DOWN LOW", was created over six years ago in a small studio in Kaiserslautern, Germany. With the release of our debut single,"Vision of Life", climbed to "18", in the German Singles Charts,"3" in France,"13" in Austria, "19" in Switzerland, after six weeks of it's inital release.."DOWN LOW", was one of the first, "singing-rap band" that Germany, even Europe, hadn't seen before.With the "crazy" hairstyles of Joe Thompson (rapper) and "strong but emotional" voice of Michael Dalien (singer), the two were to invade every charts in Europe."DOWN LOW" with hits like,"Murder", "Moonlight", "H.I.V.","Potion", showed our "dark-side" emotions that Germans and Europeans came familar to. The hit "Moonlight", was a huge hit for us in the Scandinavian countries in the late months of 97'..This was the first of it's kind. With the combinations of "Rapping-Singing meets Classical", "DOWN LOW" had woven it's stitch in minds of thousands in Scandinavia. But more was yet to come..On the release of "Johnny B.", "DOWN LOW", entered the German Music Charts at "18" and later was to become the "biggest-selling" single for "DOWN LOW" in Germany with sales reaching over 490,000.."DOWN LOW" received it's first,"GOLD-RECORD" in Germany in January of 98'.The song, "Johnny B." originally came from the rock-band,"The Hooters" in 87'.The version of "DOWN LOW","Johnny B.", not only out sold the original, with placed only,"18", but left a memory signature in the minds of thousands around Europe. And still today, you can hear, "Johnny B." been played on radio stations across Europe as well as in Germany.Upon the release of, "Once Upon A Time", "DOWN LOW" reached out to thousands with the first, "rap-ballad", in the winter of 98'. Accompanied by a well known movie theme,"Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod", written by Enrico Morricone, saw "DOWN LOW" climb the top of the charts once again, reaching over 400,000 in sales in Germany. The huge hit not only gave us a "GOLD-RECORD" in Germany, but a foundation in Europe. Italy fell in love with the song and stay at, "2" for several weeks in the Italian Music Charts. Upon the release of the album,"Moonlight", in Italy, "DOWN LOW" stayed in the,"top ten", for several weeks receiving a "PLATINUM-RECORD" on their first album debut. Not to mention all the awards given to "DOWN LOW" over a the last six years:POPCORN MAGAZINE, "BEST HIP-HOP BAND", 97' & 98', RSH-GOLD WINNER, 99', Radio 4 "FAVORITE SONG WINNER" 97', Radio Energy "BEST HIP-HOP BAND" 97', VIVA COMET "NOMINEE" 97', for "LOVETHING", ECHO "NOMINEE", for "ONCE UPON A TIME", 99'.

"DOWN LOW" also received a "1,000,000" sold records award in Germany, from the total of sold singles and albums combined by our record company, "Shift Music" in summer of 99'. Not including all the awards from our distribution team at "ZYX".
"DOWN LOW" made a pause for about 2 years after all the success we had towards the end of the last century. Now "DOWN LOW", has reappeared with our latest album,"The 4th Level", with the release of, "Don't You!". The song "Don't You!", enter the German Music Charts once again, continuing the string of hits at "17", chart enteries in the German Music Charts spanning over nearly six years.

Joe Thompson, (Rapper) is determined and focused to regain the popularity of "DOWN LOW", back into the minds of people yet once more..Teaming up with Rick Lamont Smith (LAMAZZ), the two are on the that journey to restore the name and create a door of artists to come afterwards.

                                                          DOWN LOW IS BACK!!!