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Dario G shot to fame in the summer of 1997 with the release of their multi-million selling single ‘SUNCHYME”. The track began its life on the airwaves on Manchester based radio station Kiss 102 (now called Galaxy 102). Pete Tong was soon making it his “Essential New Tune” on BBC Radio 1 and a deal with Warner Brothers soon followed.

Sunchyme later received nominations for Brit Awards, an MTV award and an IVOR NOVELLO award. It reached number 2 in 14 different countries (only to be held of the top spot by Elton John’s Princess Diana tribute - the re-release of Candle In The Wind).

Dario G then set about recording an album. The resulting highlights were the “International Anthem” of football “CARNAVAL DE PARIS” and another single, “VOICES” which went on to become a major part of the film soundtrack to “The Beach” (featuring Leonardo Di caprio).

The original line up of members reduced to 2, resulting in the release of a new single “Dream To Me” in 2001 on Mercury records. The new work reached number 9 in both the UK and Germany and featured the vocals of Norwegian singer INGFRID STRAUMSTOYL.

A further single followed in 2003 and the line up shrunk once again, leaving founder member Paul Spencer in sole control of the Dario G reigns.

A record deal with POSITIVA / EMI followed in 2006. The resulting single “RING OF FIRE” re-igniting the spirit of Dario G's sporting predecessor "Carnaval de Paris".
Dario G continue to perform throughout the world. Their music is timeless and loved by people of all ages around the globe. Sunchyme sounds as good as ever on the radio (and evokes great personal memories for most people - where were you when you first heard it?). "Carnaval de Paris" is an ever-present on almost every sports stadium DJs playlist in Europe. "Dream To Me" is a classic! The Dario G sound is alive and kicking!