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discription antonia
Real name: Sandra Stumptner
Born : 10.03.1980 in Linz, Austria

With DJ Ötzi and the single “Anton aus Tirol” she became a superstar over night.
After this big success she started her single carrer. With her hits “ Ich bin viel schöner...“ and „Knallrotes Gummiboot“  she became more and more successful.

She sold more than 2,5 million CD`s in Germany.

The single “Herzilein” was the titlemelody of “Ballermann Hits 2003” and was promoted by the German TV channel RTL2.

Her latest single “Herz an Herz” was number 22 in Austria. 100% of the incomes has been donated to the victims of the flood disaster.

She is a wonderful and talented person with a big heart and big hits.