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No doubt, the image and the name have been helpful in the success of 666, but in the long run it was the music wich made the fans go crazy. It’s a dance sound wich had never been heard before – a bit harder than others  and even a few steps back to the early techno-sound, wich was supposed to be dead. In addition to the singer’s voice going right through you and the musical gimmicks, making up the typical 666 sound, wich was soon to be copied by many other producers. Since 1997 the group has established themselves in the dance music scene, despite their look and their name.

DEMON is the mysterious DEVIL behind 666. Together with his friends T.O.M. and MIKE they definetely discovered the sound of the future when they started up 666 in 1997 and they made it accessible for the masses. They continued success with release of the single “ATENCIÓN” in 2007 released by KONTOR RECORDS and “ABRACADABRA”  by AIRBASE REC. And many international label partners. Both tracks are a step back to the legendary sound of 666 combined with the new sounds and beats of todays modern club music. DEMON is a really freaky artist and together with his sexy, bitchy and marvellous playmates he definetely rocks every floor. Watch out and beware of the DEMON – the DEVIL from hell to earth.

Only a few of their successes up to date:

  1. 6 chart hits in Germany and Austria
  2. 4 top 20 hits in france (2 gold and silver awards)
  3. 5 top 10 hits in Scandinavia (4 gold & 1 platinum)
  4. 5 top 40 hits in the EURO-CHARTS
  5. 2 top 40 hits in the UK (# 18 D.E.V.I.L. and # 30 ALARMA)
  6. 2 number 1 hits (7”AMOKK and LP PARADOXX)
  7. 1 double platinum LP (PARADOXX in Korea)
  8. 112 weeks in the canadian sales charts with the hit single PARADOXX
  9. Several gold and platinum records all over the world


Watch out for the new ALBUM/DVD collection “666 – THE WAYS ARE MYSTIC”