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Busty Brit Katie Price began her modeling career by appearing as one of London's infamous "Page 3" girls in the Sun newspaper. The daily's legendary page features a different topless girl each day and has been the launching-pad for many a model's career. Shortly after signing a contract with the British tabloid she took the pseudonym Jordan, and with her new public alter-ego her popularity skyrocketed.

Price was born in the town of Brighton, located in Sussex, England, on May 22, 1978. She changed her birth surname, Infield, to Price after her father left and her mother remarried. Talented at swimming, gymnastics, and horseback riding, Price opted for modeling after a friend's suggestion led to her being discovered by a modeling agency. It was there that she signed on with the Sun.

Her relationship with the Sun ended and her time as a "Page 3" girl ceased when she opted to have a breast augmentation. She wasn't comfortable with the size of her chest and wanted the surgery. But this went against the Sun's "silicone-free" criteria that models must meet in order to be featured in their paper, and after the operation they voided her contract. That would not be her first surgery. Over the course of her career, her trademark breasts have gone through three surgeries, from a size A all the way to a size FF. Naturally, her parting ways with the Sun led her to Hugh Hefner, and she posed for Playboy. Her measurements are 34FF-24-34.

Jordan is now known as one of London's bad girls, as the paparazzi has often captured many of her public antics throughout Europe's nightclub scene. Her life in the public eye has been turbulent. Many relationships have been well-publicized, as well as ailments and complications with pregnancies. A tryst with British singer Dane Bowers led her to have an abortion. Her first child was born blind, having an undeveloped optic nerve, and many blame her drinking habits during the pregnancy. She also had a malignant tumor removed from one of her fingers.

As her popularity began to wane, in 2004 she starred in I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out of Here, a British series that focuses on tossing a bunch of celebs in the middle of the jungle (or other remote locale) to fend for themselves. It was there that she met fellow B-lister Peter Andre, an R&B singer hailing from Australia. The two quickly became a couple, and in 2005 had their first child.

Before there was Paris Hilton, Katie Price was the original socialite who became famous for being famous. From her days as a "Page 3" girl through her much publicized life, she speaks her mind and keeps no secrets. And there's little doubt the size of her breasts also had something to do with her fame. But she plans to change all that and settle down a bit. The actress/model plans on taking on a more tasteful image. After penning her autobiography, titled "Being Jordan," she recently announced that she will be retiring that "Jordan" name and image. She has also just started her own lingerie line, and she has begun to follow an interest in a singing career, taking lessons with a vocal coach. Price also announced that she plans to reduce her chest size, and of course, the Sun was there. The paper began petitions and polls with thousands of fans urging her not to have the surgery.