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Kader Loth

Kader was born in 1975 in Berlin. At the age of 15 years she discovered her wild side and founded with friends the girlie's tape "Wild Girls" Together they had some appearances, until the formation resolved in 1993. At that time she had her first Fotoshootings.

It did not last long, until also the magazine "Penthouse" knocked at Kaders door. So she adorned the title-page as "Pet of the Year" 1998/1999.

After her obligation in a CCC film production, Kader started to appear in various TV shows. It slowly developed a public interest.

In 2003 Kader got to know the producer Brandon Stone from Berlin. She started to work with Brandon on different projects and.

Then she had an obligation for BIG BROTHER 5.

During her participation at BIG BROTHER- our "Ex Miss penthouse of the World" became a style icon in only 3 weeks! She was the personification of luxury, elegance, beauty and behaviour.

The big interest in Kader Loth can be documented since then easily. Numerous fan clubs, Fanpages and discussion forums developed on the Internet which deal with the phenomenon Kader Loth.

Kader was immediately a guest in different variety shows. She became “Die Alm König” and today she got her own column at “taff” on the TV channel Pro 7.