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12-04-2010 12:26

Our new highlight is the PINK CADILLAC for your dream wedding!!!

We have some new specials in our category Corporate Events for your wedding. Now it´s your chance to have an unforgettable wedding with our PINK CADILLAC!

Additional we can offer you to organise and manage your whole wedding with the perfect location, an exclusive catering, show acts, a professional photo shooting and of cause our Pink Cadillac.

This PINK CADILLAC is well known through several german TV channels like RTL and even LA TOYA JACKSON loves to cruse around with this amazing car when she is in Germany!!!

Our flyer:

flyer_rontab.jpg  flyer_back.jpg

Pictures of our PINK CADILLAC:

img_2129.jpg dsc03916.jpg dsc03871.jpg

dsc03905.jpg img_2041.jpg dsc03917.jpg



Newspaper article:


Pictures of our exclusive location for photo-shootings:

alte_tempeltr.jpg blick_auf_den_rhein.jpg chinesische_bank.jpg

dsc00149.jpg freie_sitzecke_02.jpg holzelefant.jpg

rosengarten.jpg teich_13.jpg dsc_3787.jpg

dsc_3789.jpg dsc_3790.jpg dsc_3800.jpg

dsc_3801.jpg dsc_3803.jpg dsc_3804.jpg

Our references:

dsc_8299.jpg dsc_8302.jpg dsc_8311.jpg

dsc_8327.jpg dsc_8330.jpg dsc_8333.jpg

dsc_8336.jpg dsc_8337.jpg

Videos of our location and animals:

Weddingplaner von Clipfish

Pictures of our exclusive and rare animals:

 17.04.2007-13.jpg dsc00209.jpg frosti_07.jpg

 dsc_3885.jpg dsc_3889.jpgdsc_3912.jpg

/> dsc_3986.jpg dsc_3989.jpg dsc_3995.jpg

dsc00001.jpg hog_island_boa_constrictor_01.jpg ivorymale.jpg

 iguana_13.jpg snowmale.jpg

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+++Merry X-Mas!
Michelle, Bruni, Stefan, Laurent and Tom are wishing you a Merry X-Mas and
a Happy New Year!!

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Budget Artists: TIGER MAGIC SHOW
Mr.TIGER ist ab dem 06. November wieder da !!! Jetzt die wenigen Termine sichern !!!

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Magic TIGER Show Winter 2014
TIGER MAGIC SHOW - Verfügbar im Winter 2014!!!

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Artists Agency: ZINDY
ZINDY former CUT ´N´ MOVE - available for bookings!!!

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Budget Artists: TIGER MAGIC SHOW
TIGER MAGIC SHOW - Verfügbar im Winter 2014!!!

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Artists Agency: TOP 10 DSDS Kandidaten
TOP 10 DSDS Kandidaten 2014

Artists Agency: LEANDRO PALME
LEANDRO PALME - der kleine Dance-Star!!!
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Aritists Agency: TONI TUKLAN
TONI TUKLAN - the top reggae-dancehall act from Africa!!!

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Budget Artists: TIGER MAGIC SHOW
TIGER MAGIC SHOW - Verfügbar im Frühling 2014!!!

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Budget Artists: 80er Jahre Doppelgänger
Top Doppelgänger für Ihre 80er Party!!!

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